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What we don’t know

Last year, whilst going through lecture notes for the BMB and CDB courses at Cambridge, I decided to collate the comments about things that were not known.

The result is this list of some of the things we don’t know about biochemisty/molecular biology/cell biology.

Each bullet point is a direct quotation from lecture notes; comments in square brackets were added by me as explanation.

###Things ‘Unknown’: * Analysis of Arabidopsis genome sequence identified 450 genes for PPR proteins – all predicted to be targeted to chloroplasts or mitochondria. Roles of most unknown, but some shown to be important for splicing, translation, and editing of chloroplast transcripts.

Things ‘Unclear’:

###Things ‘Not Understood’: * Sorting into regulated secretory vesicles is not understood in detail. It is likely to involve kin recognition, as well as retrograde sorting of unwanted proteins from budded immature secretory vesicles.

Uncertainty that ‘Remains’:

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